The Pro and Cons of Air Purifiers

There’s nothing quite like a deep breath of fresh air. However, the air in your home doesn’t always meet these standards after it had a long day in the sun. In order to maintain the health of you and your family, it’s in your best interest to purify your home’s air. For the year 2020 and beyond, let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of air purifiers.

Clean Air

To start things off, air purifiers lead to clean air. There are many sources of dirty air, and none of them are good. It could be pollution in your city that isn’t going to go away soon. It could be dust particles that are stirred up every time your pet scratches its claw on the carpet. No matter what the source is, an air purifier does wonders in cleaning it up.

With an air purifier, you can transform your home into a totally clean environment for you and your family. You probably practice a number of cleanliness habits, such as taking off your shoes or washing your hands. Purifying the air is an extension of this idea to the atmosphere around you.

Complements HVAC Systems

Next, an air purifier complements your existing HVAC systems. For example, you might have an AC unit. The air will be purified, cooled off, and spread around your home. The end product is a home full of amazingly clean air.

Similarly, you might use a humidifier on a regular basis. Once the humidity level is just right, turn on the air purifier so that you can enjoy a deep breath of fresh air. By using all of these devices in tandem, you can spread healthy air to every corner of your home.


One con of an air purifier can be its cost. It’s no secret that these HVAC appliances come with an upfront cost and more expenses to power them throughout the month. However, with a little bit of savvy shopping, you can acquire an air purifier for a relatively low cost.

You don’t have to purchase the highest-end model to get the job done. Think about the layout of your home and what you are trying to achieve. There’s a very good chance that an inexpensive model would be just as effective.


Noise is another drawback of an air purifier. When you turn the device on to its maximum setting, you’ll often hear a humming noise. While this blends in as white noise to some, it can be understandably annoying to a more noise-sensitive individual. However, you don’t have to choose these models.

There are many models out there that keep noise levels to a minimum. If you are a light sleeper, simply invest in an advanced air purifier that won’t make a sound. As discussed above, it really comes down to how much money you’re willing to dish out. A silent air purifier is a worthy investment for many homeowners.

Health Benefits

Last but not least, an air purifier has so many valuable health benefits. Individuals with pre-existing health conditions really love air purifiers. They stop allergies and asthma from flaring up so much in the spring. There are many irritating particles in the air, and the purifier does its best to get rid of them.

Even if you don’t have allergies, clean air is simply healthier overall no matter what. People with sensitive noses will be able to tell a difference with and without an air purifier. When you step out into your backyard, you probably love the scent of mother nature and the environment’s cleanliness. When you head indoors, there’s no reason that you have to sacrifice this quality at all.

With the help of an air purifier, you can keep your body in its best shape with high-quality air. In particular, it’s nice to have when sleeping or working out.

Contact a Professional Team

When all is said and done, there are many pros and cons of air purifiers. In general, air purifiers provide a great way to cleanse the air of your home so that you can breathe freely.

A professional company such as B.A.C. Systems Inc. in Farmingdale, NY, can set you up with a terrific air purifier that will last for years. We also specialize in masonry work, roofing, ductless system services, hydronic systems, home siding, windows, and even gutters.

Do not hesitate to contact us online or give us a call today for any of the above. We will be happy to tell you all about the ways we can help with all of your home climate comfort needs.

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