Reasons Why Your Heater May Not Turn Off

Furnace Troubleshooting in Farmingdale, NY

A heater should automatically turn off when your house reaches optimal temperatures and turn on when the room goes below the set temperature on your thermostat. Having your heater run nonstop can be very frustrating. It can also cause severe issues to your heating system. If your heater runs with no breaks, your energy bills may spike, and your home may become uncomfortable to live in. Various issues could result in your heater not going off.

A Faulty Thermostat
A damaged thermostat may not be able to register the correct temperature or may have a wiring issue that prevents it from being able to communicate with the furnace. Poor wiring of the thermostat, a non-responsive switch, or a bad heating sensor could cause your thermostat to stop functioning. A short in the wires connecting the thermostat to the unit could also be the problem. Depending on the damage the thermostat has incurred, the HVAC specialist can either recommend it be repaired or replaced.

Dirty Air Filter
A dirty air filter can result in your furnace running nonstop. This is caused by the fact that a filter that is too dirty will restrict the flow of air to your furnace. If the airflow to your furnace is low, it will produce less hot air for supply to the house. This will lead to your furnace running for a longer time in order to heat your home effectively. Cleaning your air filter allows for sufficient airflow to your furnace, allowing it to perform at peak efficiency. This can go a long way in lowering your utility bills.

A Defective Check Valve
If your heating system or radiator relies on water, having a faulty check valve can result in your heater not going off. If your check valve is damaged, water will circulate on its own, therefore keeping your heater on. An HVAC specialist can replace the valve and alleviate the issue for you.

Leaks In Your Ductwork
There are two types of ductwork in your home, supply ductwork and return ductwork. The ductwork distributes warm and cool air respectively in the rooms. If you happen to have leaks in your supply ducts, heated air will leak to your attic instead of going to the rooms it’s intended to heat. Your heater will therefore end up running continuously, trying to heat your house. Having a leaking duct may result in your energy bills skyrocketing. To repair your ductwork, an HVAC specialist will carry out a process known as duct sealing using sealant, adhesive, or metal tape.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting
Having your thermostat set to the wrong setting can result in your heater not turning off. Some thermostats may have an on and auto setting. This means that if you leave the thermostat at the on setting, your furnace will be turned on, and the blower fan will not stop running. Setting your thermostat to the auto setting allows your heater to turn on to achieve optimum temperature and off when the temperature is reached. If your heater is running nonstop, you can check the setting on your thermostat to ensure it is on auto.

Setting your thermostat too high can also result in your heating system running continuously. This is because the furnace will try to keep up with the set temperatures and keep your house warm. Setting your thermostat to the right temperature is therefore crucial.

Broken Blower Fan Motor
Your furnace has a blower fan whose purpose is to pull in the cold air from your home and push heated air from the furnace back into your house. A motor powers the blower, and sometimes these motors may experience a mechanical failure or a glitch. The motor will therefore run continuously, and so will your furnace. The issue could be caused by a damaged limit switch on the fan. The purpose of the limit switch is to direct the furnace to fun when it is supposed to go off and come on. A professional will repair the wiring to the switch or install a new one if it is damaged beyond repair.

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