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Long Island Forced Hot Air Heating Systems

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Forced hot air heating systems are one of the most widely used components of heating homes in the United States and on Long Island. There is no question heated air can be delivered from a central furnace, or be able to filter heat into every room of the house. For more information on Long Island forced hot air heating systems installation and repairs, Contact us for a free estimate.

Here are your 5 entry level components of a forced hot-air heating system essential in heating a home:

  1. An air handler, which may be either a stand-alone blower cabinet used with a heat pump or a forced-air furnace that includes a blower
  2. Using gas-fueled burners through heating elements based on a means of heating air.
  3. Deliver room air to the heater via ductwork.
  4. Sending heated air into the appropriate rooms using ductwork.
  5. An air heating system that allows you to turn the system on and off.

As part of the process, forced hot-air heating systems include miscellaneous parts and pieces that enhance their work to leverage energy efficiency.

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The following efforts include:

  • Filters to clean the dirt in the air.
  • Circulation to direct and control the flow of air to rooms.
  • And during the event heaters that utilize combustion fuel for heat, a flue for venting combustion gases to the outdoors.

Long Island Forced Hot Air Heating Systems Installations

Room temperatures are set to a minimal comfort level, so that when the air handler turns on, it extracts air from a room and returns cold air through the ductwork and into the furnace’s heat exchanger. Think of it as a metal chamber in which air heat continuously flows and circulates to enhance your living conditions.

As the burners or electric heating elements ignite, the heat system is enabled to heat the air as it moves through the air handler.

The blower then forces the air heat through a channel of ductwork back to the rooms. The cycle continues until the set comfort level is reached and the thermostat turns off the electric heater system. For ductless cooling system click here!

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