What to Do When Your Furnace Goes Out This Winter

Furnace Malfunction in Farmingdale, NY

Unfortunately, your furnace can cease to function from time to time. When it does go out, there are several things that you will want to check before you call an HVAC professional. Calling as soon as possible helps to ensure that the warmth in your home is restored quickly.

Check for Power

The first thing to do when your furnace goes out is to make sure that the power switch on your furnace is set to the proper position. Some furnaces are controlled by a switch on the wall that may have been accidentally turned off. Flip the switch and wait a couple of minutes. There is usually a delay before the furnace comes back on. If your furnace does come back on, the switch being turned off was the problem. However, if the furnace does not come back on, you will need to continue to troubleshoot.

Check the Thermostat

The next thing that you will need to examine is the thermostat. The thermostat can easily be jostled and knocked off the temperature that you normally have set for your home. This is especially true if you have kids. Double-check that it is on and set properly. If it is not set properly, reset it, and see if that restores the furnace.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers can trip for a variety of different reasons. A power surge could have happened, or the breaker may have malfunctioned. Go and look at the breaker the minute your furnace stops working. If the circuit breaker has tripped, put it back in the “on” position. If it trips again, discontinue use and call an HVAC professional. When the circuit breaker trips repeatedly, it’s an indication that something is wrong with your furnace.

Check for Gas or Propane

If your furnace is off and it runs on gas or propane, you will want to make sure that your supply has not run out or that there is not a problem with the gas line. Try to turn on another one of your gas-fueled appliances like your stove. If they are both not working, make sure you check the gas valve to ensure that it is in the “on” position. If the gas is on and the furnace is still not working, a call to your gas company may be in order. If you are on propane, the tank might need to be refilled, so make sure that you check your fuel levels.

Check the Blower Motor Panel

If your furnace goes out, you will want to check the blower motor panel. The panel may have gotten bumped and come open. When this panel is open, the furnace will not run. If you find that this is the case, push the panel in all the way and see if the furnace comes back on. If you cannot get the blower motor panel back into position, you will want to call an HVAC technician to do it for you.

Check the Air Filter

If you have a newer furnace, it probably has a feature that will shut the furnace down if there is too much pressure or heat. This helps to prevent the furnace from overheating. Clogged air filters usually cause too much heat. Check the air filter and replace it if necessary. Ensure that you consult your owner’s manual to determine how often you should change the filter for your HVAC system. Typically, you should change it every one to three months, more often if you have allergies or there are pets in your home.

Check the Condensate Pan

Your furnace has a condensate pan to catch the water that drains out. This keeps the system operating properly. In some cases, it gets clogged, and this can cause your furnace to turn off. You can remove the water with a shop vac and ensure that the drain is clear. If you cannot figure out how to clean the drain or there seems to be a breakdown, you will want to call out an HVAC professional to help you with the problem.

At B.A.C. Systems Inc. in Farmingdale, we’ll be happy to come to the rescue when your furnace stops working. We understand how important it is to be warm and comfortable in your own house. We offer heating and cooling repair, installation and maintenance services. We also handle roofing, siding, windows, boilers, masonry and gutters. Our team serves the needs of customers throughout Long Island, and we’ve been doing it for many years. Give us a call today if your furnace stops working as it should.

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