What’s a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)?

At B.A.C. Systems Inc., we strive to offer high-quality air conditioning maintenance services to customers in and around the Farmingdale, NY, region. We have been in the cooling industry for many years and have garnered a lot of experience ensuring that our loyal customers optimize their indoor comfort. Rest assured that our capable technicians will service your unit to your total satisfaction. One of the many questions our skilled technicians typically receive involves the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating and what it means about the performance of an AC unit.

The SEER rating is a coefficient that measures your AC unit’s performance. It is indicated in terms of a ratio that is achieved by comparing its cooling output to the energy it consumes while operating. Ideally, you would desire a system that achieves a high cooling output (measured in terms of British Thermal Units or BTU) while consuming a low amount of energy (measured in Watts per hour). In short, a higher SEER rating equates to a more efficient system. This means that your equipment will be able to carry cool air into your household while consuming as little energy as possible to run at peak condition. Here are some important details you need to know about your air conditioner’s SEER rating and how it impacts your indoor comfort.

SEER Ratings and Your Air Conditioner

Now that we know how a SEER rating is computed, the next task is to determine exactly what it means in regard to your AC. Let’s look at the two variables that are included in the ratio: cooling capacity and energy consumption. The cooling capacity of your air conditioner is expressed in terms of how many BTUs it can remove from the air per hour. Our technicians at B.A.C. Systems Inc. recommend getting an AC unit with a BTU rating that fits the square footage of the indoor environment you intend to use it in. The energy that your AC unit consumes in Watts per hour depends on numerous factors. These include:

  • Size of your indoor environment
  • Temperature settings
  • Amount of ductwork
  • Duration of operation

With this in mind, we can see that the SEER rating is simply a measure of your AC system’s maximum efficiency during a given time period.

Minimum SEER Rating

The minimum SEER rating recommended by the New York State Energy Code is 13 for old households and 14.5 for new ones. Summer in the state of New York is hot and humid, and we at B.A.C. Systems Inc. make great efforts to ensure that you’re getting the best performance out of your AC system. We achieve this through our comprehensive maintenance services that aim to improve the efficiency of your machine.

How to Improve Your SEER Rating

Our goal at B.A.C. Systems Inc. is to deliver routine AC tune-ups for customers in the Farmingdale region and its surroundings. Our solutions will leave your AC running in peak condition throughout the year no matter the weather outside. Our team has what it takes to get your equipment to achieve a good SEER rating. We will inspect your ductwork and ascertain that it is sealed properly. Air leaks can significantly affect the efficiency of your equipment. Moreover, we will clear your drain line, eliminate debris and other pollutants from the condenser, unblock the vents, and so much more. Rest assured that we will leave your unit operating at its highest efficiency.

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Your air conditioning system plays a very important role in determining the energy efficiency of your entire household or place of business. An underperforming AC unit not only leaves you stranded in the middle of a hot summer but also breaks your budget through high utility bills. If you live in the Farmingdale area or its surroundings, we at B.A.C. Systems Inc. vow to offer first-rate air conditioning maintenance services to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Our technicians have the necessary tools to diagnose the issues that are keeping your equipment from running as effectively as it should. You can count on us to leave your equipment running in top shape for many years to come.

Please call us today. Not seeking AC maintenance services? Don’t worry. We are proud to state that we also provide highly rated AC repairs, installations, and even heating services!

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