6 Reasons Why Homeowners Hear Noises From Heat Pumps

Heat pumps should operate quietly and be no louder than a gentle rainfall. Any other noises from the heat pump indicate that it needs to be repaired. In some cases, you can perform some basic repairs, but most problems that cause noises from heat pumps need to be repaired by a qualified technician.

1. Fan Damage

One of the most common complaints from homeowners is that their HVAC system is making a loud, screeching noise that can be heard throughout the house. They may also hear grinding or some other type of noise that is caused by metal parts. Screeching is indicative of a problem with the fan.

If you want to troubleshoot on your own, turn off the system. Check the fan blades for bends, dents and other damage. If the blades are in good shape, check the housing and motor for damage. The best way to correct screeching from a heat pump, though, is to have the problem repaired by a technician from B.A.C. Systems, Inc.

2. Leaks

Leaking air and refrigerant cause unusual sounds from a heat pump, such as hissing or whistling. Finding the leaks and small openings is challenging if you are not familiar with how a heat pump works. Even though the noise is simply a nuisance, the pump should be repaired. If the pump does not have enough refrigerant or if warm air is leaking from the unit, your HVAC equipment cannot run efficiently. The result is higher utility bills and costly repairs for worn out parts. B.A.C. Systems, Inc., technicians can quickly locate the source of the hissing and repair the problem.

3. Loose Screws and Bolts

When your heat pump components are not secured in place, the pump may vibrate and rattle. You may also notice a humming that is louder than normal. The problem is most likely loose screws and bolts, and you can try to tighten them on your own. Many attachment points, though, are hard to reach without the right tools and expertise. A technician from B.A.C. Systems, Inc. can fix the problem for you.

4. Clogged Filters

Dirty filters in your HVAC system cause a range of problems, from inefficient operation to high utility bills and preventable repairs. Clogged filters also create noises when your heat pump runs, such as whistling or soft, high-pitched noises. You can remedy the problem on your own by replacing the filters.

The experts at B.A.C. Systems, Inc., can recommend the best filters for your Long Island home. You can speak with one of our technicians about upgrading your filters to trap smaller particulates, such as mold, odors, bacteria and viruses if you have allergies, respiratory issues, or a lot of dust on your furniture.

5. Dirty Ducts

Rattling and whistling from inside your ducts typically indicate that some kind of debris is trapped inside the ductwork. You can try to solve the issue on your own by removing the vent covers and removing any debris, but many times the problem is deeper inside the ducts or around the moving parts of the heat pump.

Your best option is to schedule professional duct cleaning by a technician from B.A.C. Systems, Inc. The cleaning removes not only debris but also dust, dirt, pet dander and other irritants. Duct cleaning is a service that we recommend to Long Island homeowners to improve indoor air quality. The technician will also check and replace your filters.

6. Electrical Issues

Electrical repairs to your heat pump and HVAC equipment should always be performed by a qualified technician. Electrical issues with your heat pump may cause hissing, humming and shrieking. The problem may be water inside the unit, or an electrical wire may need to be repaired. Rather than risk injury by trying to fix electrical issues on your own, call B.A.C. Systems, Inc. One of our technicians will come by and fix the heat pump.

Heating Experts in Long Island Offering Repairs and Other Services

B.A.C. Systems, Inc. offers installation, repair and maintenance services for homeowners in Farmingdale, NY, and the surrounding areas. If your heart pump is making unusual noises, we can help. Our technician will diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

We can also help you with any heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance services that you need any time of the year. Call us in Farmingdale, NY, today, and be sure to ask about our heating, cooling, roofing, siding, masonry, gutter and siding services.

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