AC Repairs You Might Not Know You Need

A homeowner who takes care of the house’s HVAC system likely stays keen about any performance problems. If something seems out of the ordinary, steps may be taken to get repair work done. Not every repair job comes with apparent symptoms. There might even be repairs you don’t know about.

Install a New Air Filter

Even if you changed the air filter only a short while ago, the filter could be ready for a switch. If the screen becomes loaded with dirt, dust, and other debris, it cannot perform a decent job. Therefore, a new filter becomes necessary. Keeping tabs on the filter helps increase the chances that worthless ones undergo replacements.

Uneven Cold Spots

Why are parts of the home cooler than others? If you have a window open in one room, there’s the apparent answer. When nothing seems amiss or out of the ordinary, then there could be problems with the ducts. Gaps or holes in the duct would be way outside of a homeowner’s vision. Regardless, they cause problems and require work.

Mysterious Noises

When an air conditioner makes strange noises, then odds are something is wrong. The system should run and sound smooth. Mysterious noises coming from the air conditioner should be cause for concern. An inspection might even be overdue. Don’t ignore any problems associated with noises because the problem could become worse. Fixing things at the earliest stage of a problem could be the quickest and least expensive strategy.

Thermostat Issues

Troubles with the air conditioner might derive from issues with the thermostat. If this is the case, then the AC might be working fine but suffering from a poor thermostat connection or another issue with the connecting device. Requesting that a technician check the thermostat could uncover such a problem. Maybe the thermostat is long overdue for an upgrade. If so, then the necessary work can start to correct that issue — Farmingdale’s B.A.C. Systems Inc. provides air conditioning services to Suffolk County, Long Island, residents. This work includes air conditioner repair, installation, and maintenance.

Cycling Strangeness

Does the air conditioner turn on and off with excessive frequency? Does it run for extended periods without ever shutting off? There could be several problems that contribute to cycling frequency issues. The AC might not be the right size for the home, which would be a severe problem. A unit too small for the home would work extensively to cool the interior, which drives up the overall utility bills. Hopefully, only a minor issue causes the odd cycling. Regardless of the problem, someone has to check things out to determine what’s wrong. Otherwise, the problem will persist.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems might make themselves known through odors coming from the system. For example, such odors might be burnt wiring, which represents a fire hazard. Requesting someone to check out the electrical system without delay could prevent a fire from occurring. Perhaps shutting off power to the AC would be a wise and safe move. Not everyone realizes that foul smells, crackling sounds, and other issues are indicators of electrical problems. The consequences of not knowing might turn out to be disastrous.

The Fan Fails

The fan is a critical component of any HVAC system. All parts are important, but issues with the fan may reveal themselves quickly. If the fan doesn’t spin, don’t expect cold air to travel throughout the house. Unfortunately, not everyone may realize the fan isn’t working. Such lack of notice can lead to delays with having the fan replaced immediately, which might prove disastrous. The compressor could soon fail if the fan doesn’t work. Unwanted ripple effects do occur when repairs receive delays. Again, if anything appears odd or if malfunctions persist, an inspection becomes warranted.

Signing Up for a Maintenance Plan

Keep the possibility of eventual problems in mind when considering maintenance plans. A routine service plan helps homeowners keep on top of any work required for the HVAC. Regular service plans also provide a chance to clean out an HVAC system. Besides dirt and debris, there could be mold inside the unit. Therefore, don’t think of cleanings as “extra” services that aren’t necessary.

B.A.C. Systems Inc. has technicians ready and available to handle your air conditioner repair and service needs. Our company also works on heating and ductless systems. Place a call to the customer service line and ask about estimates and home visits.

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