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Central Air Conditioner Repair Long Island

Are you experiencing problems with your home’s central air conditioning unit? Are you noticing that your ac unit is having difficulties maintaining comfortable temperatures? Contact us BAC Systems Inc we are a fully licensed and insured HVAC company. Expert central air repairman in both residential central AC units and commercial AC units. Contact us for an inspection of your air conditioner. To keep central air conditioner repair cost low it is wise to have annual inspections of your properties HVAC units. Typically when these units breakdown it is more expensive to repair or replace them than it is to get annual inspections to ensure safe working order and maximum efficiency. According to the Nation Fire Protection Association air conditioning equipment was the underling cause of property fires for an average 2,346 yearly fires between 2005 and 09 you can read the report here. For central air conditioner repair on long island contact us we serve both Suffolk county and Nassau county in New York.

HVAC Problem Diagnosis on Long Island

If you considering upgrading you homes heating and cooling systems we can help with the central air conditioner installations process. Also we recommend that you consult with us prior to the purchase of any HVAC unit so we can help you select the best one for your needs and budget. That way you can get the most benefit out of our Long Island A/C Service. Call Now For a Free Estimate for A/C Service, Installations & Upgrades.
It is important that you know what to look for when determining if you central air conditioning unit is need of repair. Look leaks around the unit. Your ac unit need the right amount of refrigerant liquids and with a leak simply adding more will fluids will not fix the problem. Will find the source of the leak and fix it. Look for corroded wires this can be a sign of possible electrical problems our HVAC professional will inspect all the electrical connections and make sure that the wires leading to the compressors and fans have a clean connection. Also check if its always too cold or too hot this can be a problem with the thermostat sensor. Our Long Island ac repair professionals are central air conditioner troubleshooting experts and will check the sensors to ensure they are working properly. Central air conditioner repair Long Island service company BAC Systems inc.