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Long Island Air Conditioning

Central heating and air units can provide you with both quality and comfort in your home. The ideal purpose is to maintain it correctly. Central air Conditioners supplies cool air into every room in the house. Did you know that over 80% of new homes in the United States have central A/C units installed during the building process?

Yes, this is true.

Inside corporate offices and work environments, central air conditioners provide a more comfortable atmosphere for both employees, and consumers. Studies show that people are more alert and productive when the air is at a cozy temperature. The ideal temperature for maximum productivity is between 72-74 degrees. If your air conditioning unit is having problems maintaining the desired temperature contact us for ac repair long Island

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Central Air Benefits Over Window Units:

In order to remove the feeling of unbalanced temperatures, having a centralized unit and the right amount of air flow to every room is your solution. The cool air even reaches hallways, bathrooms and foyers. Furthermore, by installing a central A/C unit, comfortable temperatures doesn’t mean loud noise throughout your home.

Typical Parts of a Central Air Conditioner:

Typical Parts of a Central Air Conditioner:The air-conditioning process starts at the evaporator, which is a collection of cooling cells located in front of the blower fan. This is the same fan that pulls air through the intake for use by the furnace. The majority of the main parts are located outside of your home. The outside unit mainly includes a condenser and a compressor.

Central Air Conditioners installations
Before You Decide:

We are Long Island air conditioning installers and for your protection we are licensed and insured to install Central Air Conditioners at your home or office. Regardless, if you’re building a new home, or updating an existing one, there are some things to consider before making your decision. Different products are available for different sized homes. This entails the amount of cooling you require, and how quickly you want your home to be cooled. For more information and for a free estimate contact us the Long Island air conditioning professionals Serving Nassau county and Suffolk county. Also, there are many factors that can affect what type of system is required, such factors include:

  • Your Home’s Position
  • Architecture
  • Materials
  • Shade Cover
  • Sun Exposure
  • And Window Surface.


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